The York Press

It was great to get a text from my aunt who was visiting York for the day, to say "funny pic in the press John." This was my first proper bit of press coverage for being a designer, a huge cheesy colour pic on the centre spread! cheers!

haha all publicity is good publicity!


The CSD award for product design 2007 - £1000

"The CSD Student Medal Award is open to all 2nd year design students around the world. The submitted entries are judged by a panel of CSD and design industry judges. An overall winner is selected in each of the seven design disciplines. The winners receive £2000 and a career enhancing work placement. " - CSD website.

The CSD award was a great award, although I blew the £1000 pound straight away on a brand new apple mac, the exposure has been brilliant. Although I have received the award I'm yet to receive my "career enhancing work placement" but when I do I'll be sure to keep you posted.