pantone wallstore in situ

Nice snap of the wallstore here in an ideal home shoot! Thanks Ellie





100% Design

I'm back! what a week! well, actually......what a month!
I can't beleive how fast september has gone! 2 new products, 3 all nighters, 10 LATE nights, 1 near death experience driving to London with NO sleep and 1 H U G E exhibition, That pretty much sums up September. Now I'll be spending the next few weeks running through the million and one emails in my inbox!

A few people to thank after this last month:
Angus, cheers for the time off, it helped.
Jonny, cheers for your hands in the workshops. (& mark & si)
Tom, cheers for sharing everything on the exhibition front made things easier.
Grabs, cheers for the help on the stand
Dad, thanks for everything!
Jessy, thank youuuu