Merry Christmas and thanks to everybody who has supported me throughout the year!

Delivery Day!

Delivery Day in the DesignWorks Studio. This was when the first delivery of embrace arrived a few days before Christmas. A manic day as I did a quality check and boxed each one up for delivery.



Today I've been preparing and testing my branding tool for embrace. My first (delayed) batch is due to arrive this week, and before each unit is packed up and dispatched I will be personally checking each product and stamping it, this means that no product is going out without my seal of approval. The stamping is extremely subtle, but Nice!

Stamped using my business card debossing tool, and a vice, beats a £200 branding iron.

(above - birch embrace)



It's an exciting week here in the studio as I await the arrival of the first batch of embraces. While I'm planing the final box inserts I thought I'd upload some recent press cuttings to keep you all informed of how global embrace, is becoming,
On the subject of PRESS I also got some great news this week that embrace is to be featured in a Book! Featured Press:
Sunday Telegraph Magazine - Nov/09
MD - Oct/09 (Germany)
Homes & Garden - Oct/09
FX - Sept/09
Designer - Nov/09
Deco - Nov/09 (Greece)
Cubes - Nov/09 (Singapore)
100% Insiders Guide - Sept/09