Nice shop photoshoot from Aria including an oak embrace. Aria is a great design shop based in Islington, London. (just off upper street).


'standard' in the evening standard



For well over a year now I have been using google analytics to see my website statistics. Most visited page, referring websites, keywords used to find the site etc... etc... But the one thing I check weekly and sometimes daily is the map overlay (see image above) I can't get enough of it, it feels so rewarding for some reason to know that people are visiting my site overseas.
5.10.10 - 5.11.10 = 5086 website visits coming from 82 different countries. Nice!

i've been blogged

Just a quick post to thank all of those bloggers that direct traffic to my site daily. It really counts and i thank you for writing about me. Here's a few of the blogs that have featured me lately.

This list could go forever, and sorry for those that didn't get a mention, but this is the top 10 today on the 200 long list of referrals. I seriously cannot thank you enough, I think bloggers create more traffic than the good old magazines these days!