A very nice surprise from Dad last night. No need to be cutting wood in half now or driving with the boot open.....or even nagging friends for a lift to the timber yard. The johngreendesigns mobile is on the road, be wary!

Thanks for all your good support Dad....it means a lot.

Right........back to the 24 hr designing!


The Clock is Ticking


just about ready to undertake a 24 hour design challenge, in collaboration with fellow design resident Simon Gornall.
Its gonna be a L-------O---------N-------G day.

Start: 11am - 25/03/09
Finish: 11am - 26/03/09

Brief: Design something good.

The results of the 24 hour collaboration will be sent off to the Design for DWELL competition.

Come back in 24 hours to see the results.


Spin me baby

Embrace Spin


Built to last

A yorkshire friend raps about crude design and manufacture..............built to last, exactly!