Man, it's been a hectic 48 hours getting a 'standard' made for the opening of my exhibition at D-Space in Barnsley. You may be wondering why I don't already have one, since i launched it at 100% design back in September. The original prototype is now out in Italy somewhere visiting various manufacturers for a good quote, as soon as I returned from 100% 'standard' had been signed off to an Italian design brand who plan to distribute it worldwide....a post to come on this soon.

Anyway, the open evening was a success I had every product I've ever done on show and they seemed to be enjoyed by everybody there. A few free glasses of wine were had and then Corin Mellor opened the exhibition with a nice lengthy speech, and then next thing I know I'm doing a small speech! Haha.

Above are a few pics of the opening event taken by: Gavin Joynt (www.gavinjoynt.co.uk). Thanks to everybody that came, I hope you enjoyed it. Also a massive thanks to Patrick Murphy for selecting me and making the exhibition happen.



Ambiente and Frankfurt is finally over...........what a show! I've never ever been to an exhibtion so big, I can only describe it as disney world florida. A lot to take in..............Anyway as promised here is a little post about my current exhibition in Barnsley at the DMC, in the D-Space gallery.

I visited Barnsley for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I went to have a look at the exhibition space and was pleasantly suprised to see that the exhibition was going to be housed in the building below:

D-Space is a 12 month programme with various creatives exhibiting over the year each with a 6 week time slot. I was invited to open D-Space with the first 6 week slot.

D-Space is a contemporary gallery at the DMC in Barnsley. It is dedicated to showcasing digital innovation through the work of emerging and established regional, national and international artists, designers and makers. Our programme of exhibitions and events is designed to provide a platform for new ideas, collaboration, knowledge transfer and networking.

Opening Times:
10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.
9th Feb - 18th March
Entry is FREE.

My exhibition will be officially opened on the 23rd of Feb by the inspirational designer Corin Mellor: (http://www.davidmellordesign.com/whoWeAre/cmBiography.php) I'm a fan of his plywood work.

The room is 12meter squared and the biggest space I've been allowed to fill, I think the results are great, I have laid out every single peice of work i have ever done since graduation in a timeline style, showcasing my portfolio from 2008 until Now.

Unfortunately the above image is the only one that i have, but as soon as i get a chance to get over there I will get some uploaded.



It's busy here in the studio and my head is manic thinking about the arrival of the batch no.2 of embraces, the exhibition at the DMC and the fact that I still need to make a 'standard' for it, and to add to the pressures I have just had it confirmed that I will be exhibiting at both Grand Designs Live (LONDON) 30th April - 8th May and also ICFF (NEW YORK) 14-17 May.
Whilst I fill head is filling up with stress just thinking about the coming months I thought i'd off load a few recent press cuttings:
Ideal Home - Sept/10
Cabinet Maker - Oct/10
Concept for Living - Nov/10
Neo2 - Oct/10 (Spain)
Homestyle - May/10 (Philippines)
DDN Free - Dec/10 (Italy)
Evening Standard - Dec/10
The Sunday Times - Dec/10
Grand Designs - Jan/11
Azure - Jan/11 (Canada)



Arrived in Frankfurt today after a manic Week. The week began with me moving house (always easier said than done) and then I had to set up a solo exhibition at the Barnsley DMC in a new area called D:Space. This exhibition runs for 6 weeks and opened it's door on Wednesday 9th of Feb! (more info and pics to come on this very soon). And finally I got the plane this morning to Frankfurt to go and view the Ambiente Exhibition.

Image above of the FREE inflight refreshments, it's been a while since I havn't taken a budget airline so as you can imagine I'm excited about the FREE beer and salami sandwich.

Auf Wiedersehen.

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A quick snap of the laser in action. NICE!