embrace jigs...again!

Now things are getting serious. I've been working through the night to put this beast together. Now that embrace has been developed and I know the dimensions are right, I've gone for it and made a solid Jig. After hours and hours of hammering late night in the residency I'm about to press the first embrace today..on a bank holiday monday, cheers!


PANTONE wallstore's

Yesterday I bent up all the wallstores by hand and dropped them off at the powder coaters in preparation for 100%. I'm going to upload a video of that homemade jig in action soon/when i have the time. You will be amazed!.


snowhome is eight

Snowhome is 8 years old next month and to celebrate there is going to be a party. And guess what's going to be there?!............yep, embrace has it's first outlet. For the very first time embrace is going to be available to buy as snowhome is previewing Embrace one week before it's official launch at 100% design. So if you can't get your self to London here is your chance to come and see the real thing. (long live the prototypes - more to come on the journey of prototype to batch production very soon).

And that's not all "snowhome is eight" will also see the launch of some new products, exclusive to snowhome, designed in collaboration with my good self.

So make sure you get yourself down to the birthday party for drinks, birthday cakes and some exciting new designs!

Place: Snowhome, York (in store)
Date: Saturday 12th September 2009
Time: 10 - 5.30

Flyer pictured above: Designed by John Green, Printed 100% recycled Kraft Board. Nice!


bags for life have arrived

The snowhome bags for life arrived today. The bags have been neatly hand screen printed for us by alison hardcastle. Now we have small little competition to see which design sells best. My design is the "proper bag" and the one with a load of design silhouette's scattered about. Each bag has been printed as a limited edition of 25.
To get your limited edition John Green bag, go to: www.snow-home.co.uk

A few pieces of metal attatched to the inside of a mates jumper. I don't really get it, but thought it was cool enough to blog!


newquay = done

I'm back........feeling a little burnt but it's been a great week, recharging the batteries and hitting the surf everyday. Now there is only six long weeks to crack on for 100%, I can just tell there is going to be some sleepless nights!