I'm currently searching for stockists to take on EMBRACE. Being a salesman is something i've been avoiding since the launch of embrace back in September, and as my TODO list grows with new products to be designed & developed ready to be launched @ LDF, I'm finding less time to try and sell.

I will dedicating one day a week over the next month to be calling a selected range of stockists, that i'd like to deal with. So all you NICE retailers out there expect a phone call.
If you are a NICE design retailer and are reading this, get in touch.



A nice little email from designer/friend Jason Platten to let me know he stumbled upon an article in the Cabinet Maker magazine with my name on it. A nice little article and biut of publicity for embrace, but I'm not sure it's complimented by the products surrounding it! errrggggghhh is how I would describe some of them.



The targetboard. A simple magnetic notice board, target board and drywipe surface. Fun and practical! The target board has been designed exclusively for snowhome. www.snow-home.co.uk

The reverse of the targetboard is fitted with a hanging device that not only gives the board a nice shadow gap but allows it to be hung horizontal or vertically.
The arrows are made from natural bird feathers and perfectly, NICE!
For more info and images see the targetboard page on my website: http://www.johngreendesigns.co.uk/work/Pages/targetboard.html



So here's a blog post on that surprise product as promised! clOck. This is another product that came about as a result of 'designing with waste' in my student days, when I was too tight to scrap even the smallest bits of wood.

The clock comes neatly packed into a standard 12" pizza box, which I painstakingly printed on some textile beds last week (not recommended, it's hard work). If you clikc on the image and zoom in, you should be able to check out the small wages envelopes I utilised for the screw&plug.

I made a limited batch of the clock's and since showing the them at Create10 there are only 2 remaining. The remaining clocks are available through my webshop for a bargain price of £20. CLICK HERE to visit the webshop.