Thanks to guys over at notcot for blogging a great image of embrace sitting proudly on their box's at 100% futures. And for their nice comments!



wow, what a week! I'm slowly coming back to reality and getting over my london jet lag! The show went great and now there is lots of follow up work to get on with, one of them being ordering the first batch of 100 embrace's. So keep your self posted. I have also planned the long awaited photoshoot coming up in the next few weeks and then there will be a big update to the website, cleaning it up a bit and getting a nicer more consistent design.

The interest at 100% for the wallstore (pantone) was absolutely crazy, it was just killing me telling people I couldn't sell it when so many people were trying to buy it. so hopefully by next month I will have a distributor on board and I will be able to get back to all those nagging for one.

things will be moving very fast for me now in the lead up to christmas so keep checking back to keep yourself up to date.


Embrace - cut to precision

The first embrace being CNC cut. A massive thanks to Karl at stage one for making this happen. We still have part 2 of embraces to cut on monday morning, and were setting off to London monday afternoon. tight!


for sale!

Embrace's first outlet. A nice window display showing a nice Oak and corian set. Also if you near by check out the new headhangers and bags for life, the first products to be realised through the snowhome & johngreen. collaboration. (more detail to come on these once I've got 100% is underway)

To buy an embrace online please go to: www.snow-home.co.uk (snowhome is a UK based design store and can ship worldwide)


Headhook - prototyping

Working to the deadline, here's some headhook components being cut, due to be screen printed tomorrow and in snowhome on saturday ready for the launch. I need to be pressing embraces right now so bye!


pantone wallstore

The wallstores have arrived for 100%, not in the best condition though, so it looks i'm going to have to do some masking off and re-spraying. Adding things to the to-do list was not exactly what I had in mind!

the veneers are here

I was up at 5am this morning on the road trip to the capital, to collect the veneers for my first batch of embraces, As of next week i'm on an extremely tight shedule to get one embrace pressed a day! lets hope it all works out........only 1 week to the preview of embrace at "snowhome is 8" and only 2 weeks to 100%.

Thanks for sharing the driving Dad, and those eclairs were awsome.