I thought I'd test the strength of embrace with a spot of indo-boarding. Test successful! Don't worry embrace has had a much more thorough testing than this and I know it's absolutely solid, well it takes my 15 stone weight jumping up and down on it! And it's a brilliant sledge!
PLEASE NOTE: This was an extremely scratched embrace that the delivery driver dropped from his fork lift, do not try this at home! :)

indo-boarding on an embrace



Love Doves

(DELAYED POST) It was the begining of Decmeber and I was feeling christmasy and creative. Check this out, a quick product designed exclusivly for snowhome, laser cut baubles, flat packed so they can be sent to your loved ones anywhere in world. First exclusive batch sold out in a week! I plan to design a few more things down this line later in the year.



Here's the WOOD SKIN a collaboration with an old uni friend Rich. Rich works in a huge graphic design studio and his studio has just had a full re-furb of new iMacs. Rich decided he wanted his mac to stand out at work and turned up one night with some wood effect vinyl he wanted cutting for his screen. To be honest i'm not much of a fan of this as I love the mac as it is, but anyway I gave him a hand with the technical side of things and couldn't bare to see him wasting the HUGE square in the middle of the screen. Here I go again designing with waste. So anyway, I quickly measured my iphone and cut 20 iphone skins from the centre screen, instantly applied it to my phone thought to myself this would sell!
As I always do when the light bulb pings I do a quick google, only to find there are loads and loads of these out there, all different brands all different qualities. But as seen as though we had got 20 from the screen centre and rich had bought all this vinyl we decided to cut the rest of them and focus on some nice packaging!
So the WOODSKIN is not essential and hardly protects your iPhone (it doesn't do a bad job of protecting the back of the iPhone 4), but it's easy to apply and it leaves no trace when removed. We trialed the woodskins in snowhome over xmas and they have been successful.
If i'm totally honest I'm not sure how much I like them, I have one on my phone, and it looks nice, but I occasionally take it off and remember how nice a design the iphone is without it. Finally, I'm not claiming to have been original with this product, and I won't be adding it to my portfolio, but the one thing I will take ownership of is the packaging design. 110gsm tracing paper envelopes, printed in the studio with a nice veneer swatch stuck to the front, utilised from the waste vinyl cut out for the centre button.

For more info or to buy visit: www.woodskins.co.uk