Pantone Wallstore

Last week I received a nice big parcel from SELETTI. I've finally got finished samples including the packaging, and I have to say i'm impressed, especially with the reverse print (see middle image). It's nice to see my name printed on the product and the packaging.

I'm just in the process of taking some pics for the site but here's a few teasers.



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forget the NYC couriers and their cool fixed gears. Check out this York courier taking an embrace on his bike. And to add to that he's got a £450 Artemide float light on the other side. NICE, I just hope it's as safe on there as it is in the back of a white van!


Sitting Pretty

I received a nice image from one of my customers of their embrace in situ. It was a nice feeling to see an embrace that isn't in the workshop.

Now I've received this image I feel the urge to ask all the other embrace owners out there to send in their mages. SO..........if your reading this post, then please feel free to send in a pic of your embrace in situ. Please send them to: jg@johngreendesigns.co.uk
Maybe I'll email a few of you. :)


Objectified Birthday

I've just received my birthday present courtesy of Angus at snowhome. As you can see he's put a little thought into it, and come up with a selection of gifts that have been evidently well designed, each product in the box is still mass produced and remained unchanged in its design since it's original creation. 'VERY Objectified' as we would normally say.
Each object was carefully packed into a nice Kraft box with an insert labeling each object and linking it to the web where possible.
1. pair of "Fiskars" scissors | 2. Le Parfait glass jar | 3. set of 18 wooden pegs | 4. pack of post-it notes | 5. hb pencil | 6. pack of 100 paper clips | 7. twin pencil sharpener - made by KUM | 8. bottle of 500ml Heinz ketchup | 9. ball of brown string | 10. original lemon juicer | 11. cup | 12. pack of 25 cable ties
Cheers Angus

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