I'm home.........well i've been back for around a week now and it's been great to take the rest! I went home with the following xmas to-do list:
1. see family and friends = check
2. go sledging = check
3. get drunk and eat lots of home cooked food = check
4. go on some big dog walks = check
5. do some work (develop a few designs) = NOPE!
When I return to the studio I will probably feel bad about this, but for now it feels good and well deserved! I've spent the majority of the time at my mums new house, she has only been in 2 weeks and they have NO INTERNET, I can't remember the last time I was somewhere without internet, I must say i have enjoyed it, but it's good to be back online!

So as you can see my mum lives at the top of a huge hill, and for the first couple of days there was lots of snow, so I got some good sledging action in. But then the weather got warmer and all the snow went, so I set about steeling my younger brother and sisters christmas presents to make up for the lack of sledging and internet. Below is a quick stop frame of my favourite, the RipStik (www.ripstik.com). Hours of fun! And nicely photographed by my little bro. Cheers Dom.
John Green Designs
So apologies for the delayed Christmas post, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!
I'd also like to to take this opportunity to say thank you to everybody who has supported me and been involved with my designs through 2010. It means alot to me, and I couldn't do what I do without your support.
Again thanks, Merry Christmas and I'll see you in what I plan to be a very creative 2011.



hanger,john green designs
The results of a busy day cutting hangers that have been requested by various people over the last few months, although I have known about these for a while it has been hard to fit them in, I hope the royal mail don't let me down in getting them there on time. I presume they are for christmas presents. Being so responsible for getting the gifts out, is making me feel a bit like an elf!

I've also added a few close-up snaps of the hand screen printed boxes with some low sun on them as seen as though it's christmas :)



Another late night in the studio and a quick collaboration with designer/friend Rich Storey. A bigger blog post to come in the new year!



I've just been around at Angus's (snowhome owner) doing a spot of puppy & kid sitting while he went out for a few festive drinks. This is the first time i've seen an embrace truly in situ and truly being used by somebody else that isn't family! It looks great and was a great feeling to see.

This is actually one of my early prototypes cold pressed and hand finished. I'm really surprised it's held up! Although on close inspection I'm not sure you could say it has. But it certainly looks cool in use and with puppy teething marks down the side!


Just been out for my first round of christmas shopping after work and on my way home walked by the ice sculptures! NICE! Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in York, as they sure don't have them back home, and if they did they wouldn't last too long!



It's been a busy beginning to the week for me here in the studio, packing and sending, packing and sending. So busy that stock is now running very low, and the big freeze is making it hard for me to get more stock in. (fingers corssed I will receive a delivery pre xmas). I think the influx of orders might have something to do with the above image, a nice surprise for me on sunday (I know what your thinking, he's too young to read the times.....don't worry! I was informed of the good news!......although, I must say, I really enjoyed the nature photography section of the paper, maybe I'll become a regular reader).



Embrace in the snow.....why not!



Nice shop photoshoot from Aria including an oak embrace. Aria is a great design shop based in Islington, London. (just off upper street).


'standard' in the evening standard



For well over a year now I have been using google analytics to see my website statistics. Most visited page, referring websites, keywords used to find the site etc... etc... But the one thing I check weekly and sometimes daily is the map overlay (see image above) I can't get enough of it, it feels so rewarding for some reason to know that people are visiting my site overseas.
5.10.10 - 5.11.10 = 5086 website visits coming from 82 different countries. Nice!

i've been blogged

Just a quick post to thank all of those bloggers that direct traffic to my site daily. It really counts and i thank you for writing about me. Here's a few of the blogs that have featured me lately.

This list could go forever, and sorry for those that didn't get a mention, but this is the top 10 today on the 200 long list of referrals. I seriously cannot thank you enough, I think bloggers create more traffic than the good old magazines these days!


pantone wallstore in situ

Nice snap of the wallstore here in an ideal home shoot! Thanks Ellie





100% Design

I'm back! what a week! well, actually......what a month!
I can't beleive how fast september has gone! 2 new products, 3 all nighters, 10 LATE nights, 1 near death experience driving to London with NO sleep and 1 H U G E exhibition, That pretty much sums up September. Now I'll be spending the next few weeks running through the million and one emails in my inbox!

A few people to thank after this last month:
Angus, cheers for the time off, it helped.
Jonny, cheers for your hands in the workshops. (& mark & si)
Tom, cheers for sharing everything on the exhibition front made things easier.
Grabs, cheers for the help on the stand
Dad, thanks for everything!
Jessy, thank youuuu


100% futures

I'm up!

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Packing for the show

Thanks for the help jessy! Check out simple in bubble

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www.last-minute.com........there's nothing like a bit of last minute design!

These next few days pre-show are going to be manic, so much to do with so little time. I'm currently doing an all nighter to get a flyer and stand designed so that in the morning I can send it off for print and build my stand.

Above is a few sneaky peaks of prototyping, I'm not going to give the product away just yet!




With only 2 weeks until the show it's getting manic in the workshop trying to get new prototypes ready. Here's a sneak peak/clue of what you may see me launching. I say "may" because I'm not big time (yet!) and my stand is only small, so trying to decide what products to put on the stand without over crowding is becoming a difficult one.

If your visiting LONDON in the next few weeks be sure to come along and check out my work. I'll be launching at least one new product and showcasing some of the equally as important existing ones too:

Stand K119
100% Futures
Earls Court, London
23-26 September 2010.


express delivery



It feels like it's been forever......but I'm back after a great 9day bike ride and 5 days in the surf! Now i'm back and fully refreshed I have my mind set on 100%. There is only 5 weeks to go until the show and I have LOTS to do! So this blog post is staying nice and short, stay tuned for prototyping updates!

To see how things went on the 'top2bottom' bike ride, visit:



So it's time for the annual holiday and this year it's going to be a special one! I've decided for some reason to challenge my self by attempting the epic cycle trip from John O'Groats (the most North-Easterly point of Scotland) to Land's End (the most South-westerly point of England). It's a 1000 mile bike ride the full length of the UK, TOP 2 BOTTOM! We will be attempting the trip in 9 days, and it's all in the name of Charity.

Me and 2 other friends will be embraking on the trip and hoping to raise money along the way for Neurosurgical Research. The reason being that my Sister Debbie Green passed away 5 years ago now at the age of 22, due to a bloogclot in her brain. She was kept in intensive care at the Leeds Hospital in the Neuro Ward. The money raised will be going towards better and advancing their equiptment.
If you'd like to sponser us feel free to visit our donation webpage:

We've also set up a blog that will document our trip down the UK, we'll be uploading pictures and general crack straight from our iPhones along the way. (battery permitting). Visit the blog here:

So once we finish the trip at Lands End, a beer or 2 will be had and then we will head back up the south west coast 30 miles to meet the rest of our pals who will have set up camp in Newquay for the boardmasters festival. Here I will spend 5 days in the Surf in the various bays around newquay! NICE!



Back in December I gave my Dad an embrace for Christmas. And when all the family gathered at his house for some festive fun I noticed my niece sat playing on the embrace, using the small table as a bench and the larger one as a desk. Right then I knew it would make a great photo, so when my niece was visiting the studio for the day I thought I'd get some quick snaps. Thanks for the modeling holly :).



I made a quick trip to the capital this week to visit New Designers. The show was good as always but as it was about 39 degrees in the BDC I had to get out and go for a walk! This gave me the chance to grab a frappe latte and visit some of the big design stores! Whilst walking around Heals I noticed something familiar!

While the above pictures are cool, the best pic was of the wallstores hung next to an Eames 'Hang it all' coat rack. But for some reason the iPhone decided to save the image as a big black square. I suppose apple can't do everything right ;)




http://www.johngreendesigns.co.uk/ takes a long atticipated fresh new look ready for a new portfolio of work to be uploaded. (stay tuned)