100% Design

I'm back! what a week! well, actually......what a month!
I can't beleive how fast september has gone! 2 new products, 3 all nighters, 10 LATE nights, 1 near death experience driving to London with NO sleep and 1 H U G E exhibition, That pretty much sums up September. Now I'll be spending the next few weeks running through the million and one emails in my inbox!

A few people to thank after this last month:
Angus, cheers for the time off, it helped.
Jonny, cheers for your hands in the workshops. (& mark & si)
Tom, cheers for sharing everything on the exhibition front made things easier.
Grabs, cheers for the help on the stand
Dad, thanks for everything!
Jessy, thank youuuu


Kevin said...

I kept your card, from a year ago - cos I really liked your work. So, looked up your site today.

WOW ! You are one talented guy. The stable, and the embrace are my favourites. Hope you get deals on the standard and the simple chair.

I like the blog - full of character and good humour. Keep up the fight!


John Green said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the kind words! Keep on checking back in the future to see how things come along!

It's nice to receive feedback like this once in a while ;)