Just stumbled upon this picture of my receiving the Grand Designs award from Kevin....Think he looks scared....You've gotta love that ginger beard.



Great pic for the Embrace owners club album. This is a walnut embrace in "donkey" mode. Performing well I'd say. Cheers for the pic sid.....& kerry & slinky G.


I forgot about this. Over a year ago now I was down at the habitat HQ being filmed for an episode of Britains Next Big Thing. It was aired on BBC 2 last month and with everything being so hectic with exhibitions I never had the chance to watch it properly. I did however see episode 3 right before I headed off for Grand Designs to see that after a whole day of filming I starred on it for about 2.5 seconds...ha..what you see in the screen grab above is about all you can see. Me walking through the habitat carpark with my mate si and a couple of embraces.



Well...it's been an eventful few days, but I have to say some of my most relaxing of this month. Everything has just slotted into place quite nicely! For the first time I havn't been rushing about like mad. I like American trade shows.

A few pics of the stand above. Not very good...I need to get better at this!


NYC by foot.

Decided not to take the subway whilst out in NYC so that we could walk about and take in as much of the city as possible. Took a pic of my feet each day and wasn't sure what to do with them, so here it is, mine and Jess's feet out and about in NYC.