So it's time for the annual holiday and this year it's going to be a special one! I've decided for some reason to challenge my self by attempting the epic cycle trip from John O'Groats (the most North-Easterly point of Scotland) to Land's End (the most South-westerly point of England). It's a 1000 mile bike ride the full length of the UK, TOP 2 BOTTOM! We will be attempting the trip in 9 days, and it's all in the name of Charity.

Me and 2 other friends will be embraking on the trip and hoping to raise money along the way for Neurosurgical Research. The reason being that my Sister Debbie Green passed away 5 years ago now at the age of 22, due to a bloogclot in her brain. She was kept in intensive care at the Leeds Hospital in the Neuro Ward. The money raised will be going towards better and advancing their equiptment.
If you'd like to sponser us feel free to visit our donation webpage:

We've also set up a blog that will document our trip down the UK, we'll be uploading pictures and general crack straight from our iPhones along the way. (battery permitting). Visit the blog here:

So once we finish the trip at Lands End, a beer or 2 will be had and then we will head back up the south west coast 30 miles to meet the rest of our pals who will have set up camp in Newquay for the boardmasters festival. Here I will spend 5 days in the Surf in the various bays around newquay! NICE!


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