Here's the results of an early snow-home collaboration. Around about 12 months ago now when I had just started at snowhome, we developed the flower grenade! Some of you who remember my uni portfolio will remember the 'Eco-Pac' I developed for Kettle Chips, a crisp packet that when buried into the ground fully bio-degrades and grows a flower (maybe I'll dig that out and blog it soon). Well, anyway, the flower grenade is not much different!
Inspired by the Guerilla gardening culture this hollow (unfired) clay grenade is packed full of seeds and nutrients so that when launched it explodes and grows into a flower. The unfired clay simply melts in the rain and provides further nutrients for the growing plant.
The flower grenade is now manufactured and distributed by SuckUK and maybe found in many retailers around the UK (not sure about worldwide due to the wild flowers etc...). Although the graphic and packaging design has been somewhat developed it's still nice to see the product finished and on the shelves.
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flower grenade said...

These cool items are seed-filled pots in the shapes of grenades that helps in plantation of plants and flowers. Don't forget that these are'Eco-friendly'.