Happy Customer

Amidst all the stress's of moving studio and struggling to find storage space for too many prototypes, a few emails have put a smile on my face today. The first from Rob. A happy 'Woodskin' customer. Rob says:
"I follow your blog and occasionally see people send in pics of your products and while i cant afford the embrace or any other your other creations at the moment I hope one day I will! (I am debating the standard when it is available) however i thought i would send you a pic of something i can afford".

Thanks for this Rob and don't worry, I can't afford many of my pieces neither. The one thing I have always said to myself is to: "never design what you can't afford"..............I'm still trying to master this.
The second was an order for an embrace from somebody with a great address:
For anybody that isn't aware, that's the Isokon building. See info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isokon
I really hope this owner sends in a nice pic of the embrace in situ.
I really enjoy the fact that an embrace will be situated in such an iconic design building. I also enjoy the fact that embrace was designed for a university brief to design a modern take on the penguin donkey. A product that was designed for Isokon by Egon Riss, a former resident in the Isokon building. :)