Grand Designs LOVES

Nice little present from the organisers of grand design last night! It was nice to chat with organisers of the show and hear that Grand Designs LOVES embrace! :)
(Appologies for the GASH photo's. I'll get some nice ones on the SLR asap).

So......If your in the London area and would like to pick up a bargain on an embrace, then get your self to Grand Designs. For this week only I'm offering a SHOW PRICE for all orders and sales made at the show....upto £100 off! This was never intention, but I have been here 2 days now and not sold 1 table. I've soon found out that the visitors to this show will not part with their cash unless your offering a show price. So it's day 3 and within 20mins I had sold 2 tables.

This offer willl not extend past the show, and just so you know, I'm accepting all major credit cards :).