New York, New York

well, it's been an eventful few days, but I have to say some of my most relaxing of this month. Everything has just slotted into place quite nicely! I arrived in New York on Tuesday afternoon, wasn't jet lagged felt good had a nice stroll round. The city if everything I thought it would be....BUSY!
Decent view of the Empire state building from my hotel room:
Got to the Javits centre yesterday to set up the stand around 9.30 only to find my pallet had not been delivered despite an email to say it's waiting on my stand. So as you can imagine I was slightly nervous. Anyway after a few phone calls back to the UK I was re-assured it was on it's way. Waited for a good hour but nothing came and I was getting a bit stressed out with it all.
There is only so much thumb twiddling you can do when your in NYC. (Think I'm actually weeding some vinyl in the image below).
Went for a burrito and a quick sight see. Once we returned, as promised the Pallet was there. A couple of hours later and I was up:
Back in the Hotel room now trying to get some good shipping prices and burning press packs. I'll be finishing off the stand later and will hopefully get some nicer images up!