Since the opening of my exhibition in Barnsley earlier this year when I met Corin Mellor I have been meaning to visit the David Mellor factory. In NYC when I agreed to help breakdown their stand I spent a good half hour in amazement as I flicked through the David Mellor portfolio and learnt more about what he had designed. Being a bit naive I only knew of his cutlery. And to think i never knew who designed the Traffic Light makes me feel a bit of a clown shoe. So as I broke down the David Mellor stand in NYC I stuffed a few of my products into their pallets knowing it would get me down to their factory to collect them.

Last week I finally got the chance to get myself out to the peak district for a visit and wasn't let down! That place is just amazing and whether you are a designer or not I recommend it. It was the CLEANEST factory floor I had ever seen, you seriously could eat your dinner from it. Visiting has made me realise that this is exactly what I want for my brand. Maybe in a few years time though ;).

Thanks James for the coffee, the factory tour and most importantly bringing home the things from New York. Cheers