old pics

I've just finished a search through some old uni images for some pics of the stable and stumbled across some pics that I thought, if I had the blog back then, I would have probably put them on.

1. a pic of the original rockingstool (against a graphic background), before it had been exhibited at the graduate show and I found people didn't have a clue how to sit on it.
2. the beginnings of "experiments in plywood" a 1:10 scale range of bent ply furniture, including embrace, stable and the rockingstool as part of my 3rd yr final project.
3. Jess showing the strength of the rockingstool in it's cantilever position. I think the way this version of the rockingstool flexes is brilliant, but it would probably kill anybody that eat's well. hense the development.
4. The stable being laminated and manipulated once it has been removed from the former "has anyone seen the small spring clamps?...I can't find them anywhere".